All the news in 2011 for the financial professional engineers: engineers insurance obligation, free advertising for professional activity, compensation engineer

The budget 2011 bis, approved on 14/09/2011, introduces many new features for professionals.

In this article we summarize the most significant, bringing the full text in the queue.

The part of the maneuver, which introduces changes for the profession is Title II: Liberalization, privatization and other measures to promote development.

The provisions shall apply within a year from the date of entry into force of the law converting Decree

Will be adopted the principle that the initiative and private economic activity are free and are allowed everything that is not expressly prohibited by law for the majority of economic activity.

Without prejudice to the state examinations, the professional rules should ensure that the exercise of the answer without exception to the principles of free competition. Access to the profession is free, the restriction is permissible only where it meets the public interest and does not introduce discrimination. The restrictions on access to and exercise of economic activities envisaged by current legislation are repealed four months after the entry into force of this Decree.

Is no requirement for the practitioner to follow continuous training courses permanent. Determines the breach of a disciplinary offense and is punishable as such.

The discipline of training for access to the profession must comply with criteria that will ensure effective provision of training, the trainee must be paid fair compensation, the duration of the internship will be a total of more than three years.

The remuneration of the professional is agreed in writing the agreed compensation is permitted as an exception to the rates.

The practitioner is required to enter into suitable insurance for the risks of professional activity. The practitioner must make known to the customer, at the time of the assignment, the details of the policy taken out professional liability and its ceiling. (For more details read this article)

The professional rules must provide for the establishment of bodies at the local level, not including those administrative functions, which are specifically entrusted with the education and the decision of the disciplinary matters and a national body of discipline.

The informative advertising, by any means, relating to the profession, specialization and professional qualifications possessed, the structure of the study and the fees of the performance is free.


The full text is available at this address.



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