Fund Patrons: 2011 funding young entrepreneurs

If the assumption is true that the future is young, it is good, therefore, invest on their figures, their potential, their resources. Investing in young talent, innovation and creativity is precisely the reason why it is born Patrons Fund, which allocates € 40 million for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

The facility is reserved for all young people up to 35 years which propose projects in the form of private legal entities, either singly or in association, in culture: music, cinema, theater, art, fashion, design and technology.

The chosen ones will receive funding of up to 40% of costs, up to a maximum of € 3 million for projects that will have to be national in scope and should be enforced in at least three regions, respecting the principle of equal opportunities. The new initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Youth, aims to put a stop to the unemployment in Italy, as that announced a few days ago by Istat, affects more heavily own groups of young people, with 29% of boys without job.

It will be the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to deal with the applications received and, once accepted the best projects, resources will be allocated among those that will be suitable in chronological order, subject to availability.




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