What does the Decree Administrative Simplification 2012?

A single certificate for change of address and payment of Tarsu, more streamlined procedures for the construction industry and workers stagionai, and new rules on privacy and the environment: these are some of the innovations contained in the draft of the Bill of administrative simplification, today before the Council of Ministers.

Among the main measures: there's more streamlined procedures for seasonal workers and in the draft states that 'In accordance with the general levels of protection under the rules of health and safety at work, are defined simplification measures on information, training and supervision health, applicable to the benefits that entail a stay of the worker in the company for a period not exceeding 50 working days in the calendar year. Another chapter deals with the measures in the field of labor and social security, and provides, among other things, reducing the rate of interest for delayed payment of contribution credits.

As for the building sector, it disappears and the implied rejection comes the tacit approval for the issuance of building permits. The draft provides for an amendment to the Consolidated building, when 'within the period for the adoption of the final measure, where the director or supervisor of the office does not object motivated denial on the request for permission to build means format silence gives consent, subject to the constraints environmental, heritage and cultural '.

Go ahead then only personal certificates relating to change of residence or domicile of the taxpayer and registration statements, variation or termination of Tarsu related to the tax, the tax on waste.

The draft decree also provides for the repeal of Article 136 of the Banking Law, which provides that 'persons performing administrative, management or control of a bank can not undertake obligations of any nature or acts of buying and selling, directly or indirectly, with the bank that administers, directs or controls without a prior resolution of the board and with the unanimous vote of all the members of the control.




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