Renewable Energy Agency will be based in the UAE

The International Agency for Renewable Energy, IRENA, born in Germany in January, will be based in the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, by 2011. This is the choice of the first summit of the Preparatory Committee which was held in Sharm el-Sheikh and attended by 114 founding members, led by Egyptian Prime Minister of Energy Hassan Younes. They have joined 22 other states including Japan and the United States.

During the same meeting, it was also elected the first interim Director General of the Agency, Hélène Pelosse, currently Deputy Chief of Staff in the Private Office of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Urban Planning.

The newly formed agency puts you in the role as a driving force for a new global model of energy, more suited to the needs of the twenty-first century and that puts in the foreground the reduction of environmental impact. For a while now, IRENA relies on the considerable experience of Hélène Pelosse, which has in fact managed the French negotiations for the package "climate and energy" of the European Union, in particular with regard to the Renewable Energy Directive, and is was responsible for the design of the Plan of renewable energy for France. In addition, he participated in several international climate negotiations in close cooperation with various international organizations in the field of energy (eg IEA, UNEP).

The city of Bonn has been entrusted to the Fund "technology and innovation" while in Vienna, home to the offices of knowledge transfer with the United Nations and other international organizations. The two cities were previously competing with Emirates Abu Dhabi but the same, in recent days, said to provide a substantial funding by 2015 in the case where the choice of a note on the capital.

Everything seems to fit perfectly into the plans for Abu Dhabi in its future post oil: already by 2015, in fact, is awaiting the construction of Masdar City, the city in the desert, zero impact, able to accommodate at least fifty thousand people. Of course, hydrogen, wind and solar energy sources unique and emission-free mobility thanks to electric taxis that will move thanks to magnets attached asphalt. The project, developed by an Italian engineer, Luca Guala, provides not cost, like a simple tramway.




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