Significantly reduce fuel consumption ensured by integrated solar thermal systems and condensing boilers

Integrate the two systems means saving on average 50% of gas consumption and improve the functioning of the panels. If you can not connect to the gas existing in the tank then you need to insert an electrical resistance of at least 1 kw with thermostat set at 40 degrees centigrade.

It is really simple: solar panels (or solar collectors) runs a special liquid exposed to the sun warms up. Inside the dwelling is installed an electronic control that simultaneously measures the temperature of the liquid and the temperature of the water contained within a thermally insulated tank. When the liquid in the panels is more hot water activates a circulation pump that brings the liquid to a heat exchanger inside the tank. Here is the exchange of heat and water warms up. Depending on the temperature that the water reaches undergo a stratification and then will be sent to the radiators or to the taps. The pump runs until the liquid collector is hotter than the water of the tank.

When this exchange can not happen because there is not enough solar radiation, intervenes the condensing boiler, which brings the water in temperature with a very low fuel consumption.

The condensing boiler is able to best use the heat of combustion, minimizing the dispersions with interesting savings. The idea at the basis of the condensing boiler is to use the heat contained in the flue gas thanks to techniques that allow to transmit it to the water with warming. Condensing boilers are then able to also use this heat, cooling the flue gas to the "dew point". The fumes become so cold that you can use a simple plastic tubing as a chimney.

Thanks to the exploitation of combustion, in the best boilers can reach a gain of over 100%.

By the construction of the condensing boiler (modulation, probes, temperature management programs, heat build-up inside the tank stratification), when replacing a conventional boiler with a condensing you can choose a lower power, you then an initial decrease in consumption of around 15%

Is installed in a dwelling where a traditional boiler quality of 30 kW is possible to replace with a condensing boiler 25 kW.

Considering also the higher yield of the condensing boiler compared to traditional boiler, the savings can reach and exceed 30%.

Completing the system with the integration of solar panels (average savings of 25-30%) it is possible to achieve savings of 60% and more.



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