Comparison features, pros and cons free energy market and protected. For several years in the Italian energy market was liberalized.

For several years in the Italian energy market was liberalized. Since that time there have been numerous holders of households that have decided to go to the free market. Others have preferred to stay in the cd. protection service, and pay electricity consumption based on prices set every three months by the Authority.

It is precisely this difference: in the free market are the sellers decide the price of energy, in the protected market is instead the Authority to fix costs.

However, do not always have a clear idea when choosing whether to switch to the free market. For this reason, before taking any decision, you should read up pray so that an informed choice.

First, it is appropriate to compare the prices of old and new supplier, with particular attention to prices and sizes. In the free market often find offers that provide for a given cost in relation to a certain threshold of consumption. In this case, you should assess the needs of each individual household, habits and costs: everything you consume more than the agreed threshold has a higher cost, so that often in the best case, the costs tend to double.

Before giving a consent to a proposal made by telephone, with the mode of the distance contract, it is always advisable to assess the best offer and price, comparing everything to its average power consumption. It is also important to inquire about the frequency of invoices: in some cases are issued every two months, in other cases every three. If once you have gone to the free market has not remained satisfied, you can return to the enhanced protection market under the same conditions above. Simply forward the request for withdrawal and simultaneous return to the protected market.

Before signing a new contract is also advisable to consult the Energy Authority's website. Here in the "Find Offers" you can compare different offers on the market, and choose the one that best fits your needs, taking into account its consumption.



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