Focus on three technologies with high potential for renewable energy

While photovoltaics "traditional" silicon is consolidated, as well as the thermal horizon are entering three new technologies that could devastate the landscape of energy. These technologies over which Italy is able to withstand the technological competition as the level of applied research nostrana equals that of other countries. 

The first is the solar thermal power (CSP) with which you reach high temperatures, between 300 and 500 ° C, which allow you to create considerable power plants, even with small parables, allowing the generation of electricity or heat directly into places of consumption to be used in energy-demanding applications such as industrial refrigeration, cooling in the tertiary sector and the generation of process heat.

Another promising area is that of the photovoltaic third generazioneche uses organic-based polymers. Replacing the silicon part of the most attractive features of this technology are the possible applications and the production process that enables the creation of flexible panels, curved and semi-transparent which will enable applications are unthinkable today, such as the construction of photovoltaic bodies for cars, production glass facades for buildings and solar panel insertion in all mobile devices. This technology, finally, using a production process similar to the one typeface, which will reduce the cost of the panels.

The concentrated photovoltaics is the third promising field. In practice, a lens focuses the solar radiation on a small silicon cell in which these conditions can reach very high levels of efficiency. The photovoltaic panel in concentration must be mounted on a tracker high precision, since the misalignment relative to the Sun even a few degrees brings down the efficiency. It is not yet thoroughly tested, also, the overall duration of the devices as the plastic used could be rapidly degraded having regard to the high temperatures and the large amount of light in the game.




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