Guide to the calculation of the number of solar panels for a photovoltaic system

To calculate the size of a photovoltaic solar panel system should know the consumptions of users that will be installed, monthly insolation data for the site, the number of sunny days in the area, the quality of the electricity service. The data sull'insolazione the site are provided in the form of Joule / sqm per month and at a horizontal surface. To calculate the actual insolation of the panel is therefore necessary to correct the data taking into account the angle of the panel with respect to the horizontal plane.

The inclination of the solar panels

The inclination of a solar panel is usually calculated by adding 10 ° more in the latitude of the place. The more north you go, the more the panel will be less inclined (or more raised) to fully capture the sun's radiation. In Italy the inclination of the solar panels varies from 45 ° to 55 °. The solar panels are always facing south (in the northern hemisphere).

How to calculate the number of solar panels for a photovoltaic system

A simple empirical formula is used to determine the number of Watt Required:

Watt = 1.35 x average daily consumption (Wh) / hours of sunshine conventional

The hours of sunshine conventional are calculated as follows: 7,589 hours of sunshine x = 0.01 kJ / cm square year. The data on solar insolation (kJ / square cm) can be found from the solar cards in the country. Once you calculate the potential power of the photovoltaic enough to divide by the number of watts output of each solar panel and so calculate the number of panels needed to make the photovoltaic system customized specifically to your needs and the installation site.

This is obviously only an empirical calculation to get an idea. The precise calculation will be made by the company that will provide you with a breakdown of the construction of the plant itself.



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