New solar ball panels are used to capture energy effectively throughout the day

The latest innovation in the field of photovoltaics comes from Japan and is called Solar micro-sphere. It is a panel of reduced size that thanks to its spherical shape and arcuate fails to capture the rays of the sun throughout the day. These special panels are easy to handle and can be used in a completely different way compared to the more bulky solar panels.

For example they can be adapted also to curved surfaces, can be moved more easily and are able to generate energy with the same intensity from dawn to dusk, without the need for a motor that move them to remain always with rays perpendicular.

The solar micro-sphere is equipped with micro cells with fragments of 1.8 mm made of silicon melted to form small drops of equal size. Furthermore this type of machining greatly reduces production rejects, another element that distinguishes Solar micro-sphere.



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