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Approved by the European Ministers of Transport of the measure amending Council Directive on the internalisation of external costs (Eurovignette) under which the road tolls paid by heavy vehicles now include the costs of air and noise caused by them, as well as those already planned infrastructure. A principle that the Association of Confindustria, the Italian business of motor transport (Anita) is unfair, "polluter pays" according to representatives of heavy transport is not used with fairness, but only in order to penalize a type of road, compared other.

The goods in transit by road are the industry among the most subjected to the stress of mobility, with overhead costs are among the highest that unfortunately end up impact on end users. It 'also clear that our country supports the best the industry, as evidenced by the Secretary-General of Anita Josephine Pepa: "I agree with the Minister Matteoli that at a time like the present economic recovery further increase the costs of road transport would have the negative repercussions, "said the representative of the industry after following the discussion in the Council of Ministers. "And I appreciate the intervention of the Italian Government due to which we have obtained the temporary exemption in the Directive for vehicles € 5 and € 6 for those," he said recalling the concession obligations in force and valid until 2013 respectively and , 2017.

The results of the Council of Ministers see the opposite position of Italy, Spain and Ireland, the abstention of Holland and the favorable position of France and Austria. Uncertainty that demonstrates how complex and structured is the issue at the international level, with some States which invoke the application of the measure now being considered by the European Parliament. All this while our Italian Automobile Club confirms that there can be no tourism without mobility, "not so much not only because 73% of Italians and 62% of foreigners choose the car as means of transport for your holiday in the beautiful country "debuted Enrico Gelpi Club President, speaking from Cernobbio to the fifth Conference of Tourism," but the main reason is that the infrastructure deficiencies affect the tourist potential of the Italian System ". Gelpi, then continued on stating that the shortage is generally "do not speak only of roads and airports, but also to network infrastructures with a strong tourist attraction that make the fortune of other countries, such as golf courses, theme parks, sports facilities and racetracks, "he explained.

According to the President of the ICA, Italy should ensure safe mobility as well as sustainable and efficient: there are about 25 thousand tourists killed in road accidents every year in the world, due to reckless driving, the carelessness of drivers, or unsafe vehicles inpresentabili and roads. Without adequate measures are estimated to become 45 thousand 75 thousand by 2020 and by 2030, with a growth rate far greater than the deaths of tourists to tropical diseases. These numbers are thrilling, triple means a given already chilling. The problem of road safety and the adaptation of infrastructure has been the subject of national and international plans, but it is only right to update soon. In this lies the commitment of the Automobile Club of Italy, also involved in the enhancement of tourism. Among the initiatives we are collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism for the realization of the tourist portal Italia.it and for the promotion of the number Easy Italy dedicated to foreigners (0393939). Finally, the network of collaboration with foreign Touring Club assists in the promotion of our country in the other, all in all Club activities also extend in the field of information, through the website maintained by ACI www.viaggiaresicuri.it in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Traffic Service CCISS Travel Information or "Green Light" in Rome, Milan and Lazio. This is to encourage and enhance the perception of our mobility for motorists coming over the border.

The fact remains, however, that the problems reported by Enrico Gelpi depict a reality no longer be ignored: we have few roads, and the current ones are risky (especially urban and suburban). Maybe we should start from this consideration, starting to rethink mobility from scratch, with new roads and upgrading of those present, on the basis of current rules and regulations. One fact does not require further exploration in those of today we are no longer, travelers experience it on their skin, whether they are people or "goods" in transit on highways and suburban networks. There is no shortage technologies to make secure infrastructures and are compatible with the number of light and heavy vehicles, more and more abundant. Perhaps what is most latita consciousness to handle a tool that determines the life of thousands of people, and impacts on the environment in a consistent manner, with the premise of your driving within the limits imposed. It is no longer just a problem of repression and teaching respect for the rules of the road, as a matter of "doing" the streets according to a "new" code, which takes into account factors and new, completely disregarded by the current regulations. When this issue will be addressed at the central level, a new structure for mobility, sustainable and safer, then we may be able to drive more relaxed and less anxious to get to your destination, whether it is work and leisure. Especially will be manageable loads of traffic in order to allow a continuous flow of heavy goods vehicles that pollute less for the shortest time taken to reach the destination.




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