Studies on plastic photovoltaic panels: features, pros and cons

Photovoltaic panels in plastic: it is really possible to achieve them? According to the researchers have developed the Csem, a research institute of the state of Minas Gerais, yes. Scholars, in fact, have achieved photovoltaic panels in plastic which are less expensive, less heavy and easier to handle than conventional panels: for this reason, this innovation could change in a revolutionary way the entire solar energy industry. It is, in practice, plastic sheets and striped transparent: printed panels with photovoltaic cells that have the ability to convert solar energy into electricity.

According to the statements of the Director of Maranhao Csem Tiago Alves, "photovoltaic these sheets have the same capacity to produce energy for normal silicon panels: the advantage of having recourse to them, however, is in the lower dimensions, which make possible applications not suitable for panels conventional. "

Because of their peculiarities, in fact, these sheets, which are common in polymer products, including photovoltaic cells, could be used to charge the electrical parts of computers, mobile phones or other handheld devices, but also the cars.

According to preliminary studies, a panel of plastic no bigger than three square meters would be able to provide a home with four people all the energy of which they would need. Not only this type of product, being characterized by a cost - benefit ratio excellent, could be key to get energy in areas without electricity (and in Brazilian territory, there are many areas of this type).




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