The new research programs on renewable energy invest the sea and sun

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) launches two new European programs for the development of technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources of new generation in the areas of Concentrating Solar Power and Energy in the exploitation Marina, investing in the green economy, as the driving force of a new global socio-economic development, at a time when we are witnessing the worsening of the energy issue on several fronts.

The alliance, which was founded by 10 of the most important European research centers including ENEA, to contribute part of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan of the European Commission to achieve the objectives of reducing emissions by 2020 accelerating the research and development of technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources.

1,200 researchers from more than 80 European research centers are working in close collaboration to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources more efficient and low cost.

ENEA participates in all programs of research and, in his role as coordinator for Italy, has the task of promoting cooperation and coordination between research centers and universities who participate in national and all domestic involved.

The Commissioner of ENEA, Giovanni Lelli, said: "The launch of the joint program on European Concentrating Solar Power, which we are among the main protagonists, will allow us to work with leading European research centers in the industry to get to develop the second generation of a technology that currently includes ENEA among the world leaders in the field. "




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