Free online software: scientific web calculator

A free application created in JavaScript that implements a calculator online to make scientific calculations. The site I am talking about is called Web2.0Calc, and I must say, it is a nice calculator, no bugs or errors in calculation, and is accurate to 32 decimal places.

This application can be very useful to those who often uses a calculator to solve problems for which they need to perform complex mathematical calculations such as trigonometric functions, and will have access to any device that can connect to the internet, like a NetBook, an iPhone, or any other generation mobile, you can always have it with you.

A free scientific calculator programmable software for professionals

Today we will talk about a software that can replace your dear friend "calculator". You can finally employ your pc as computer science, other than the calculator that you can find in the accessories of a common PC. With this software you can also solve algebraic expressions, integrals, and much more, useful for structural calculations and mathematical analysis if you are a student of science universities or even better professionals work with complex calculations.

We speak of a real scientific calculator that you can install on your computer by simply downloading a file d 'installation of just 2.5 MB, simply proceed with the installation as a common program.

Corporate Software Free: CMR, ERP, accounting, management

In the working-business, we are always looking for the best solutions for the management of the various business units and programs are complex and very expensive to make even simple tasks.

We're not talking so companies such as Enel or as the Italian Post Office which can afford to buy the software management and business management more expensive configured by professional advisors, but small and medium enterprise programs where as SAP could become a boomerang that lead to heavy investments .

Free software for professionals and companies

There are many applications now available for free or for business software professionals. Those who work with the email will be delighted to discover Zimbra Desktop application for managing email, contacts and appointments, compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux that allows a single application to manage all the information related to productivity, read email from POP or IMAP account, including the services of Gmail, Hotmail or business.

Another solution for those who need to constantly e-mail address is being phplist: runs on Windows and Linux, is free, easy to use and ideal for the creation of newsletters, sending of advertising, notices or any other use in connection with the sending e-mail to multiple recipients.

CAD older versions open and convert DWG to PDF

In the business world, each sector has its own standard software, a program that is used by 90% of employees working in that area.

For engineering, architectural and technical drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, AutoCAD software is almost universal, and also the best.

I do not really know if it's the fault of the monopoly of AutoDesk, the company that makes AutoCad or for the actual excellence of this program, but there are not many alternatives.

Drawing with Autocad LT: complete course

An entire course in drawing with autocad lt

It is a course on software design world's most used: Autodesk Autocad lt

This course Tutor CAD LT 2000 is the evolution of a series of courses in VHS video and CD-Rom produced by the company Work in Progress since 1990 with version 10. Work in Progress was one of the first ATC, AutoCAD Authorized Training Center, in Italy from 1989 until 1994.

Software for acoustic and thermal insulation

Panels for acoustic and thermal insulation of walls: Here is a Free Software Online to Choose the Type of Insulation for Every Situation

The panels for acoustic and thermal insulation of the walls in commerce increases every day. They come in various types, more or less fibrous insulating panels made of plastic, natural insulation. Here is a free software that helps us to choose the thermal and acoustic insulation as a function of the building component.

AutoCAD WS App for iPad and iPhone, and AutoCAD for Mac

The release of AutoCAD for Mac marks the return of a leading software design and engineering on the Mac platform

Milan, 31 August 2010 - Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), a leader in software design, engineering and 3D entertainment, announces the launch of AutoCAD software for Mac This version of AutoCAD, one of the professional software for the design and the 'engineering most popular in the world, will run in native mode on Mac OS X, enabling millions of users around the world to choose the preferred hardware solution. Autodesk AutoCAD WS is also launching a new mobile app for iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that will allow users to edit and share their projects in real-time AutoCAD.

iTestoUnicoHD for iPad, for building professionals

It is now available on the App Store an application for iPad very interesting iTestoUnicoHD.

This App is basically aimed at all those people who work in construction as it brings on iPad the following documents: 

• Consolidated Safety Dlg 81/08 with integration dlg 106/09 and No. 51 attached.

• Consolidated Housing DPR 380/01 integration with Dlg 301/02 (including subsequent additions: Lg 166/02, DL 269/03, 311 Lg / Lg 04 and 246/05) and No. 1 attachment

Energy saving software Winshelter of ENEA

Enea software to calculate the energy performance of windows and doors. And 'free and is available on line at

His name is Winshelter. A valuable ally for designers, engineers, and business professionals fixtures, doors, windows and solar screens.

Michele Zinzi (ENEA) "Winshelter is a calculation tool developed by ENEA, in collaboration with the Experimental Glass Station, within the activities of the program with the Ministry of Economic Development" System Research. "Tool allows you to calculate the thermal properties of windows and doors but the real innovation and uniqueness is the possibility, by winshelter, to calculate the solar characteristics of glazing systems bright and equipped with sun screens, the scheme of technical standards in force in Italy and Europe ".

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