A free scientific calculator programmable software for professionals

Today we will talk about a software that can replace your dear friend "calculator". You can finally employ your pc as computer science, other than the calculator that you can find in the accessories of a common PC. With this software you can also solve algebraic expressions, integrals, and much more, useful for structural calculations and mathematical analysis if you are a student of science universities or even better professionals work with complex calculations.

We speak of a real scientific calculator that you can install on your computer by simply downloading a file d 'installation of just 2.5 MB, simply proceed with the installation as a common program.

While surfing the web you will come across various calculators but SpeedCrunch is definitely the most complete and will offer features that not even the real scientific calculators can offer you.

I remind you that SpeedCrunch is a totally free software and install it on your computer you will click on the following link and download the file d 'installation.

How the program works: some useful tips

At first glance there might seem like a normal scientific calculator with the usual functions: root, sine, cosine, logarithm, etc.., But, in the menu "View", you can select the following options: Book of mathematics, constants, functions. All these options will be visible in the drop down side and will provide the following information:

• Book of Mathematics: you will have at your disposal some of the key mathematical formulas concerning quadratic equations, three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional objects.

• Constants: you display a list of mathematical and physical constants with relative units of measurement. You will find constants ranging from gravitational constant, a number of avogadro, at the speed of light and many others that will be for sure use in your calculations.

• Functions: as for the constants, you can take advantage of many features: the more common as trigonometric functions, up to more complex functions such as Poisson.

Among the various settings you can also choose how to display the result: decimal, binary, hexadecimal. You can also choose the number of digits displayed after the decimal point.

In conclusion, I can tell you with certainty that SpeedCrunch is the best scientific calculator available on the network, it is totally free and is available in many languages, including the 'Italian. If you still use windows calculator you should definitely try this software and I promise you will not look back.




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