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In the working-business, we are always looking for the best solutions for the management of the various business units and programs are complex and very expensive to make even simple tasks.

We're not talking so companies such as Enel or as the Italian Post Office which can afford to buy the software management and business management more expensive configured by professional advisors, but small and medium enterprise programs where as SAP could become a boomerang that lead to heavy investments .

The point is that there are programs completely free and open source software that can do the same things as the commercial ones that require, as a single investment, the human in the sense of study and adaptation of the product to the company specific.

After then saw some programs and management software aimed at economic budgets and movements of money, we see here the best free open source software and open source for companies and business management.

The categories in which to enter these programs are those of business management including: Accounting or Accounting, CRM / ERP, Document Management, Project Management, E-Commerce and Human Resources.

Their common characteristic and modernity lies in their easy implementation and integration as well as web applications.


For the branch Accounting or Accounting software free we have two reports:

1) PostBooks CRM is a comprehensive accounting solution that includes GL, AR, AP (are to indicate the financial terms of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger), financial reporting and inventory management.

PostBooks CRM lets you easily create vendor offerings and orders for each customer, to define and categorize the products and inventory for multiple locations, and create work orders or create custom reports.

Among other things there are also the management of BOMs, of transactions, the movement of materials, accidents or support call (Incident Management) and a series of warehouse operations.


2) Simple Invoices is used to generate invoices, receipts, statements, estimates, and quotes with ease.

It is essentially a tool of web interface enhanced by the presence of a database that preserves the historic and that keeps track of products, customers, creditors, taxes and payment types.

There are three types of invoice: an itemized bill that specifies the amount and type of objects one that requires only a description of the services and the gross amount, and an invoice for consultancy.

Once generated an invoice, you can export it in different formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or HTML.


For the CRM / ERP we see 5 programs that I describe very fast for sake of brevity.

1) Compiere is an application platform (MDA), which gives full freedom to customize your application in a way that is suitable to the company in which you are located.

You can easily change the underlying database tables and user interface without programming and code.


2) OpenERP (formerly TinyERP) is one of the world's leading ERP suite, which has capacities ranging from CRM to accounts with over 200 functional modules to extend its possibilities.


3) Openbravo is an advanced strumentoi management, web-based and open source, that gives you complete control over the data of all sectors of the organization.

A program that you can easily integrate with other business applications.


4) SugarCRM is a suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools included with project management together in a single package. SugarCRM provides a powerful control on the relationship of business and has no limitation of use becoming so good for both small companies to large ones.

You can plan and manage sales, marketing, customer service, internal communications and more, using a customizable panel.


5) vTiger combines an excellent CRM software with an ease of use that greatly reduces the learning curve of this kind of products.

Is publicly considered a suite must be tested for every small and medium enterprises.


Document management, document management and repository creation we have 2 programs:


1) Knowledge Tree Document Management to monitor, share and collaborate on documents and resources for communication between employees.


2) instead OWL is a multi-user repository for documents and publishing of files / documents on the web suitable for companies, small businesses, to a group of people, or just for personal use.


For the management of human resources:


1) OrangeHRM offers a full range of capabilities to manage the workforce of a company, from hiring processes, taking into account all stages of labor management.


2) TimeTrex is a Web-based tool for the management of payments and time to work.


Project Management in fact we had already seen the free software talking about Microsoft Project and alternatives.

On this occasion, for integrated and multi-user, we mention two other software: Dot Project and Gantt Project


Finally it is very important to say that these and other programs free business management, can be tried on the internet, without downloading anything, Click2Try on the site that contains reports and other investigations.

Really, given the prolonged period of crisis and the fact that many companies end up cutting into the workforce, it would be better to try to save on the management tools and software that can be seen and seen that the power of open source is by no means inferior to that of programs celebrated as the market leader.




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