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A free application created in JavaScript that implements a calculator online to make scientific calculations. The site I am talking about is called Web2.0Calc, and I must say, it is a nice calculator, no bugs or errors in calculation, and is accurate to 32 decimal places.

This application can be very useful to those who often uses a calculator to solve problems for which they need to perform complex mathematical calculations such as trigonometric functions, and will have access to any device that can connect to the internet, like a NetBook, an iPhone, or any other generation mobile, you can always have it with you.

Its interface is as simple as all the calculators on the right side is the keypad with the main keys of the 4 main operations, and on the left is a box containing a variety of functions such as trigonometric, power, exponential, roots, logarithms and so on ... You can set the values for the angles, in degrees or radians by clicking on one of the options at the bottom left "deg" (degree) for degrees and rad (radiant) for radians. You can set the units of measure for distance, areas, data, forces, masses, speed, time, volume, currencies, power or energy, by clicking the "Unit" in the left pane. But this calculator also supports vectors, matrices, graphs, statistics, percentages, and differential equations. Another wonderful aspect of this calculator is the fact that after each calculation, the calculation is the expression is written from an image file that you can download by right-clicking, this feature can be useful to anyone who writes a thesis and wants to be the calculations in the form of written formulas.

For any kind of difficulty in the use of this powerful tool, you can see online help accessible from the "Help" button at the top right, where you will find a number of examples of the use and previews of the most popular, and if you want to give a ' look at what this calculator can do I suggest you take a look at the video tutorial.




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