iTestoUnicoHD for iPad, for building professionals

It is now available on the App Store an application for iPad very interesting iTestoUnicoHD.

This App is basically aimed at all those people who work in construction as it brings on iPad the following documents: 

• Consolidated Safety Dlg 81/08 with integration dlg 106/09 and No. 51 attached.

• Consolidated Housing DPR 380/01 integration with Dlg 301/02 (including subsequent additions: Lg 166/02, DL 269/03, 311 Lg / Lg 04 and 246/05) and No. 1 attachment

• Technical Standards Construction Ministerial Decree 14 January 2008 (pdf format) and its application Circular no. 617 of 2 February 2009 (pdf format)

This App is a useful tool for all professionals in the field, also do not need internet connection.


Let's explore the main functions:

• navigation by index (Sections, Parts, Titles, Articles)

• navigation mode for scrolling articles

• navigation mode browser

• search and select the article you want direct

• search for words

• book favorites / bookmarks

• Insertion / consultation notes

• sending the items and tables via email


With regard to the overall quality of this application have to say that it is absolutely height; also, from my test, was stable and simple to use.


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Italian version of

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