Software for acoustic and thermal insulation

Panels for acoustic and thermal insulation of walls: Here is a Free Software Online to Choose the Type of Insulation for Every Situation

The panels for acoustic and thermal insulation of the walls in commerce increases every day. They come in various types, more or less fibrous insulating panels made of plastic, natural insulation. Here is a free software that helps us to choose the thermal and acoustic insulation as a function of the building component.

Choose the type of thermal and acoustic insulation for your building is an important step in the design from scratch or upgrading the energy efficiency. In fact, the thermal insulation is one of the factors that affects more on energy saving, but also on thermal comfort - relative humidity.

It is not the same thing using an insulator made of plastic, as it can be a EPS (expanded polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene), compared to a wood fiber insulation. For example, in relation to the internal environmental comfort, it is often more powerful isolate a wall with an insulation panel in wood fiber, and with values of specific heat and density better than synthetic ones.

Specific heat and higher densities improve the attenuation factor and the thermal lag, to the benefit of living quality.

A synthetic insulating panel, however, generally has an insulating power greater than that of wood fiber, with the advantage of being able to use lower thickness to achieve the same thermal transmittance values on the wall.

Before considering metrics such as preferential use of a building (summer and winter), rather than the life cycle of the insulating material, you can make an initial choice of the type of thermal insulation - acoustic by the free software ISLAND-ONLINE developed available dall'ANIT.


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