Analysis on the future of the iPad

Poppies Dell, Microsoft and HP raise several doubts about the potential of the new Apple device, the closed policy of Cupertino and the tablet market in general. FUD or objective view of reality?

Rome - Dell, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard are not afraid at all the new iPad, criticize the policy of closure of Apple, the exaggerated price of the accessories needed to work on, and the unfriendly relationship with partners. The spokesman of the three giants recognize that the competitors of Cupertino has set up a new market, but do not believe that the Apple tablet will be able to maintain this lead indefinitely.

Andy Lark, Dell's global head of marketing, sees iPad 2 an expensive and scarce toy. "The Apple tablet is a good choice if you are very rich and go to live alone on a desert island, but not so good if you want to live in a diverse, open, with companies linked between them." Man Dell, which remains the world's third largest PC, therefore does not see the iPad as a rival in the professional field. "With the iPad the most simple things become complex" Lark continues, "and if you need to work with a mouse and keyboard you will have to spend double the base price, coming to 1500-1600 dollars."

The criticism of the HP spokesman, who in the mobile arena has bet everything on webOS with the acquisition of Palm, focus instead on the "myopia" of Apple. Stephen DeWitt, vice president of HP Solution Partners, said that "the relationship of Apple with channel partners is totally transitional. Philosophy Apple does not take into account the capacity of the partners, and this is rather absurd. If you have a problem with HP you can pick up the phone and talk to someone, but with Apple you can not do the same. " According to DeWitt, Apple as a partner often has the feeling of being held hostage. Which is why, of course, the ecosystem that revolves around Cupertino might suffer from hypoxia.

The Microsoft executive Craig Mundie finally just does not see a future for the tablet market, iPad or not. According to Mundie however continues to be a clear distinction between mobile devices, such as smartphones, and portable ones, such as laptops. "A mobile device you are using on the move. The handset is designed to be moved and you use once you arrive at your destination. Tablet I live in the middle". For Steve Jobs're officially entered the post-PC, while for the Microsoft boss this unusual space of the medium in which they are strung tablets could also be just a fad.




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