Open chamber boilers and sealed chamber: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, types of uses

The boiler wall is a gas device can offer both the supply of hot water, and both the heating of the house and of the interior. A boiler wall is usually a boiler of small size, slightly smaller than a refrigerator, and is characterized by prices not excesses. E 'often also known as wall boiler, by the fact that often is hanging on a wall. Depending on the models can be installed inside the home or outside. Over the years, the installation regulations have become increasingly stringent and rigid, it is therefore not possible to generalize. The boiler wall has a discrete thermal insulation and a technology capable of heating a large amount of water in a few minutes. It may or may not have an internal tank (boiler). Another particularly important aspect is the power of the burner. The more high, the more quickly the boiler can heat the water in equal volume. The wall boilers on the market today are mainly two and vary depending on the air regulation system inserted in them.

 Open chamber boiler. On boilers with open chamber, the burner uses the oxygen of the air for combustion. Are the traditional boilers with flame, or the flame in full view. Exhaust gases are expelled to the outside.

 boiler flue. In the boiler room sealed combustion is locked in a room isolated from that picks up oxygen in the air from the outside. Exhaust gases are expelled to the outside. Allow higher yields than the open chamber boilers are equipped with a more advanced technology.

In general, wall-mounted boilers with sealed chamber are safer for use in the home, since the draw oxygen from the outside and expel the exhaust fumes outside. The same combustion takes place in a sealed chamber, sealed from the interior of the house. Conversely, in the boilers open chamber combustion takes place using the internal environment of the house. The installation rules have gradually become more rigid respects to the past. For the elimination of smoke, the wall-mounted boilers are connected to a flue or chimney placed outside your home.




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