How often must be made boiler control: time intervals prescribed by law

According to the surveys of Confartigianato, no more than 70% of citizens do proper maintenance of the boilers. And, in the last 4 years - according to the statistics of the Italian Gas Committee - due to the malfunctioning of gas plants, were recorded every year, on average 163 accidents. The incidents are concentrated in the North (3 out of 4 incidents) and were caused by insufficient air exchange of the local (4 of 10 incidents), followed by the lack of maintenance (2 of 10 incidents). The plants most at risk are independent boilers (due to accident 1 to 3), followed by water heaters and cooking appliances, responsible for 2 out of 10 incidents each.

Guide to choosing a flat-screen TV (LED, LCD, Plasma): technical characteristics, energy consumption, durability, reliability, price comparison

When you buy your next TV, a number of factors could contribute to your decision. While many tend to buy the largest you can afford it, many other features are more important than size for HDTVs. Before choosing a flat screen TV, you should know the different types of screen resolution, contrast ratio and other features that flat screens of today can offer. 

Comprehensive analysis of advantages disadvantages of car LPG and CNG vehicles: cost savings, convenience, maintenance schedule, engine wear, specific rules and constraints

In this time of expensive fuel, it advocates the desirability or not to switch to gas. Whether it's natural gas or LPG, the car is registered as a bi-fuel or is transformed as a result, the advantages are many: savings on supplies, lower emissions and the ability to circulate forever. What I am going to do is a list of the main concerns, even of the biggest fears that there may be dealing with such a choice.

I state that since there are no incentives to scrap and / or environmental incentives, and I say no no form of sponsorship was made to support the only alternative (and who knows for how long) to oil, and I'm not versed in issues type White Paper on Transport, Protocols on CO2 emissions, etc ...

Open chamber boilers and sealed chamber: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, types of uses

The boiler wall is a gas device can offer both the supply of hot water, and both the heating of the house and of the interior. A boiler wall is usually a boiler of small size, slightly smaller than a refrigerator, and is characterized by prices not excesses. E 'often also known as wall boiler, by the fact that often is hanging on a wall. Depending on the models can be installed inside the home or outside. Over the years, the installation regulations have become increasingly stringent and rigid, it is therefore not possible to generalize. The boiler wall has a discrete thermal insulation and a technology capable of heating a large amount of water in a few minutes. It may or may not have an internal tank (boiler). Another particularly important aspect is the power of the burner. The more high, the more quickly the boiler can heat the water in equal volume. The wall boilers on the market today are mainly two and vary depending on the air regulation system inserted in them.

Heat house with stoves and fireplaces: analysis features, pros and cons, feeding types

Whether modern, avant-garde or classical evergreens, fireplaces, together with stoves, are a great way to enjoy a healthy glow and completely natural.

However, most of the people are strongly disoriented faced with the choice: better to buy a wood burning fireplace with a traditional flavor but more complex to administer, or a modern pellet stove is more practical to handle both substantive and giving up the warmth of the wood burning fireplaces induced ?

Obviously there is a definitive answer and just always, the wisest is: depends on the personal preferences of people who buy, the practicality collides almost by nature with the aesthetics, the healing warmth of the wood has more complications in terms of management compared to modern electric stoves or pellet.

The Thermal Energy Bill: what is it, what incentives expected, those who can use, some examples

Good news for those who want to replace your old boiler with a modern heat pump, or those who prefer to install solar panels to meet your hot water needs: the government recently published the final version of the long-awaited "Thermal Energy Bill," which he helps to expand the range of incentives available to citizens and public administrations in the field of renewable energy.

The mechanism developed by engineers provides for the payment of a grant of between two and five years, through the GSE (Energy Services) which is a company controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development. Measures eligible for aid for individuals are listed below:

The absorption heat pumps: definition, principles of operation, types, advantages and disadvantages

The heat pump is an apparatus capable of transferring the heat present in a fluid at a lower temperature to another fluid at a higher temperature.

The heat pump must therefore its name to the fact that it provides to raise the heat from a lower level to a higher level of temperature, thus reversing the natural flow of heat that in nature, however, flows from a higher temperature level to a lower one.

Currently, commercially available are two different types of heat pumps:

- Electrical, operating by means of an electrically powered compressor;

- Absorption, operating by means of a burner fed with methane or LPG.

What are the characteristics of the main heaters used for heating of a dwelling? Flueless stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, thermo stoves

In many Italian homes have modern wood burning stoves to perform various functions. In addition to heat, in fact, the stoves have become real items of furniture and can also be used for cooking. Replaced in many homes, from traditional radiators, stoves are coming back into vogue thanks to technology, through which different models are developed: stoves without chimney (supplied with denatured ethyl alcohol or ethanol fuels or ecological), thermo stoves (stoves fueled pellets, an economical fuel and also environmentally friendly, made from wood residues worked), practical and efficient gas heaters and stoves that replace the boiler in the production of domestic hot water and space heating.

Boilers for domestic heating: condensing boiler, condensing boiler forced draft premix boiler, solar boiler

The BOILER is the traditional center of the heating system: for this reason, to save money and get the most out before you buy you have to understand your needs and what you want from a boiler.

The choice of the type of boiler must be made from some considerations and some data: size, structure and location of the house first, and then, composition and habits of the household.

It is obvious, that the heating needs of a family of 4 people in an apartment of 120 sqm are different than a couple living in an apartment of 60 square meters, which maybe to work outside the home spends most of his day.

Connection Guide Home Theater System: how to connect TV, decoder and Home Theatre

Do you have a Home Theatre system at home? If you saw the old analog TV and especially felt almost like at the cinema television programs through a glittering Home Theatre System, now with the advent of digital terrestrial can continue listening to the music, special effects and digital audio from your programs favorite with a sound quality even higher.

So let's see how to make home theater audio system with the new digital TV.

If you have a new generation TV with the integrated digital terrestrial tuner for, simply connect the digital audio outputs (HDMI, coaxial or optical) to your Home Theatre.

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