Significantly reduce fuel consumption ensured by integrated solar thermal systems and condensing boilers

Integrate the two systems means saving on average 50% of gas consumption and improve the functioning of the panels. If you can not connect to the gas existing in the tank then you need to insert an electrical resistance of at least 1 kw with thermostat set at 40 degrees centigrade.

It is really simple: solar panels (or solar collectors) runs a special liquid exposed to the sun warms up. Inside the dwelling is installed an electronic control that simultaneously measures the temperature of the liquid and the temperature of the water contained within a thermally insulated tank. When the liquid in the panels is more hot water activates a circulation pump that brings the liquid to a heat exchanger inside the tank. Here is the exchange of heat and water warms up. Depending on the temperature that the water reaches undergo a stratification and then will be sent to the radiators or to the taps. The pump runs until the liquid collector is hotter than the water of the tank.

Condensing boiler: how much you can save, when are convenient, integrated system boiler and solar thermal

You have heard so much about the condensing boiler, but none have been clear in saying what is the actual savings that can guarantee?

In fact, there is a reason. The amount of fuel that is consumed not only depend on the type of boiler, but of course also by the square footage of your home, the insulation of the roof and walls, the thermal transmittance of your doors and windows, as far as heating the home in winter and from your average use of thermal water health.

That said there is some good news. The condensing boiler, on equal terms, it saves on fossil fuel that is used to heat. It does this thanks to its latent heat recovery system that allows you to use the heat trapped in the flue gas of combustion, which is impossible in the old boilers.

The NRA offers online product characteristics for the reception of digital television programs

ROME - In order to promote a more informed choice of consumers in the purchase of televisions and decoders for the reception of television programs in digital technology, it is now possible to know, via the portal / decoders, what are the models on the market classified by the producers according to the instructions contained in resolution no. 255/11/CONS Authority for Communications Safeguards (after a troubled procedure lasted more than a year and a half).

Problems receiving digital terrestrial television: a guide to the controls and checks to do

After months and months of waiting has finally arrived in your city digital terrestrial TV. Indeed, to say the truth is even more than a month past the fateful Switch-off regions of central Italy.

They got so many new channels, high definition and interactivity. But if you still can not see some digital channels, even though you are properly equipped to receive the new TV set-top box or a TV with integrated digital tuner, and you've done well countless tunes that channel, do not worry. Although it appears on your TV screen surely the word "weak signal or no connectivity", and do not see the day of the Switch-off, for example, channels Sportitalia, or those of Mediaset Premium, or broadcasters RAI, with the ' specialist help and try these simple instructions to find the tv stations disappeared or never tuned:

Simple guide to biomass boilers: what they are, when you can use, cost savings, environmental impact, use mode

The biomass in the energy field is an organic material of plant origin from which one can produce energy. (Wood, chipped wood, pellets, straw, husks, peanut, corn ...)

Why a biomass boiler does not pollute?

Because the carbon dioxide emitted during combustion is one that has been absorbed during the growth of the plant.

Burning, return it to the environment. So over a period of time equal to: plant growth + its combustion, the overall balance of CO2 in the air has not changed. Cultivating biomass (wood, straw ...), domestic heating is thus an optimal solution for the environment.

Guide for selection, installation and placement of the components of a Home Theatre System

In a Home Theatre system, as you can see, the speaker placement is of paramount importance to achieve optimal playback. But did you know this probably already know this and also their landlord, out of the blue, you are seen to invade the living room and can not live with those parallelepipeds in the middle of the room. Place them on the wall in the corners maybe it would be better? No and again NO!

The main front speakers or must remain detached from the wall at least 50 cm and the distance that separates it must be at least 250 cm.

How to choose a Home Theater System: comprehensive analysis of characteristics, components, costs and tips for choosing

The home theater can recreate a real miniature theater in your own home. The quality of picture and sound are insured and of the various devices that make up the home theater system can make them exceptional.

What is Home Theater

The home theater or home theater is playing home theater or film content in electronic form in order to produce auditory and visual sensations as faithful as possible to those received in a theater or in a movie theater. Despite this end, there are no specifications to be met, the only requirement is the presence of surround sound, in practice the term home theater takes on a value therefore highly generic. The home theater is a home video sector and was founded in 1982 with the introduction of Dolby Surround, the first standard for home video and audio with surround sound.

Graphene for the production of renewable energy could replace silicon in the realization of photovoltaic panels

Graphene. It will be the material of the future? So thin as to be considered two-dimensional, stronger than steel, applicable in photovoltaics and beyond. Premises that gives hope for a glorious future for this material for which Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. And after the Nobel Prize in 2010, who knows what interesting news in store for us in 2011 about the graphene.

You may have heard of graphite, the one that lies at the center of the pencils to speak. Well, this material is named more or less from there. The two scientists in fact, pasting a block of graphite to a normal tape, gave birth to the world's thinnest sheet, often because of an atom (carbon). The graphite sheet.

Condensing Boilers: operating principles, performance, convenience, advantages and disadvantages

The condensing boiler is first of all a normal gas boiler (typically LPG or CNG) in which there are circuits for the production of sanitary hot water (if provided) and for domestic heating.

To understand the particularity of this solution, it is important to first understand the operation of a traditional boiler.

During combustion, the temperatures reach high values allowing the transfer of the generated heat to the fluid of the heating system by means of a heat exchanger of suitable dimensions, situated inside the body of the boiler.

TV and monitor display technology. What are the differences between static and dynamic contrast?

It is a fundamental distinction between the Static and Dynamic Contrast. Define the notion of contrast is very important for three main reasons:

-       First, because this concept refers to the technology inherent in each display and then it should indirectly to understand the fundamental characteristics

-       In addition, the contrast ratio can severely interfere (for better or for worse) on all the other parameters of a display

-       Finally everything protect us from the many possible hoaxes and specific "accalappiapolli" often served up by manufacturers.


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