Induction cookers: technical characteristics, operation principle, energy saving, advantages, disadvantages, tips

This innovative technology of cooking, by the generation of an electromagnetic field, has resulted in an improvement in performance, a reduction in consumption, a total absence of heat loss, and an increased safety in the kitchen. Suffice it to say that the induction cooktops make the most of the absorbed energy with an efficiency of 90% while traditional stoves, by the nature of their operating principle, make only 40-60% dispersing about half 'of energy into the surrounding environment.


Analysis on the future of the iPad

Poppies Dell, Microsoft and HP raise several doubts about the potential of the new Apple device, the closed policy of Cupertino and the tablet market in general. FUD or objective view of reality?

Rome - Dell, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard are not afraid at all the new iPad, criticize the policy of closure of Apple, the exaggerated price of the accessories needed to work on, and the unfriendly relationship with partners. The spokesman of the three giants recognize that the competitors of Cupertino has set up a new market, but do not believe that the Apple tablet will be able to maintain this lead indefinitely.

Renewable energy frontier: energy from artificial leaves

A professor at MIT claims to have developed a synthetic structure can produce energy in an efficient and continuous. The inventor has already signed a contract for the development of a plant

Rome - Professor Daniel Nocera of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says he developed the first "artificial leaf" able to function without interruption as long as there is water, consisting of common materials and has a higher efficiency of natural leaves proper. The main objective is to provide a power supply technology to countries in the developing world.

What are multiple shape memory material?

The shape memory alloy (Shape Memory Alloy - SMA), are a family of metallic materials able to restore their original shape after being deformed, when subjected to an appropriate treatment, which may be thermal, mechanical or magnetic.

Currently are already being used in many applications and industries, robotics, medicine, civil engineering and aerospace example is not made much effort to think of new jobs.

But try to imagine the potential of a material that can take many shapes and different, could seriously revolutionize the current industrial production!

Panorama on the insulation of buildings

The insulation is a technique with which to isolate two systems having different environmental conditions, so that the two systems do not exchange heat or vibration between them.

In particular, the insulation can offer sound insulation, thermal or acoustic.

Typically the insulation is carried out by interposing between the two parts of special materials which do not allow the exchange of heat, in the case of thermal insulation, or the exchange of vibrations, in the case of acoustic insulation.

Basic principles of operation of district heating

District heating is a centralized system that distributes hot water for heating and for domestic and sanitary, connected to the buildings of the city. And 'best when the thermal energy is recovered from the fluids at the end of cycle thermal power plant, preferably fueled by methane (gas turbine combined cycle) or biomass or fuels derived from them (eg biogas), in these cases we speak of cogeneration electricity and thermal energy, are solutions with high energy efficiency, in the worst cases limited by the dispersion of heat in sections of the network too long or for bad network isolation of heat transmission.

New TG combined cycle power plants (natural gas) today are justifiable only if connected to district heating networks.

Ocean energy: what is it, and how can extract

If less than one tenth of 1% of all the solar energy trapped oceans were converted into electrical energy, you could meet the energy needs of 20 times the total energy consumed by the United States every day. But how? What technology is used to extract energy from water?

The U.S. national laboratory for renewable energy is estimated that the energy talassotermica (under the name of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) could be one of the cheapest renewable sources and extended to exploit.

Tips on how to properly install and maintain an air conditioner

Short and practical manual for points with things to do (and not do) to keep your air conditioner / air conditioning as good as new.

A unit installed improperly, even with an A + energy efficiency, it will only waste energy. Whether you are yourself to install the air conditioner or a professional, you should keep in mind these tips, some of which apparently may seem obvious:

Renewable energy sources: biomass, biofuels

In this post we face an issue which happen to hear about it as a viable alternative energy in different fields of application in relation to "traditional" solutions (based on fossil fuels), or Biomass.

But biomass what they are, how they are used and what potential they have? ... To all these questions will be answered later in the post.


The biomasses are organic materials of biological nature produced from animal or vegetable sources not fossilized, the use of which in the energy field consists in their use in the form of fuel, in substitution (or addition) of fuels of fossil nature, such as hydrocarbons, coal and natural gas.

New types of wind turbines: turbines with magnetic levitation

Another 100 million dollars allocated by Big G in the field of renewable energy. Will serve the construction of the first wind farm that will exploit for commercial purposes megaturbines the levitation

Rome - The announcement was made a post appeared on his official blog: Google will invest an additional $ 100 million as part of so-called renewable energies, in particular for the realization of that which has already been described as the world's largest wind farm.

Keep it support company in Mountain View to the various forms of green energy, immediately after the $ 168 million announced for the construction of a solar power plant in California's Mojave desert. The new cash injection will now go to fund the work for the final opening of the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm near Arlington, Oregon.

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