What are the standards to be met by systems for domestic water purification? Decree of the Ministry of Health 25/2012

Long live the tap water! According to research compiled by Aqua Italy, the association representing companies in the field of water treatment, 75.5% of the population chooses the water to zero km. The resource is considered good but is done more and more frequently to make it better.

And Italians are thousands that make use of equipment and systems, domestic water treatment: reverse osmosis plants, filters for chlorine, water softeners and water filter jug. All devices that can now rely on an appropriate legislative framework.

With the recent entry into force of the Decree of the Ministry of Health 25/2012 on 'Provisions concerning technical equipment aimed at the treatment of water for human consumption', consumers who wish to purchase equipment, systems and appliances safe and effective, must now rely of stringent rules.

First of all, no more general information: new appliances must be accompanied by instruction booklets for the use and maintenance of very clear and precise and are not allowed misleading information on purifying non-existent, when we already know that the water comes from the tap in almost all of Italy is perfectly drinkable.

They also need to ensure for all of their life cycle performance features, and references to the benefits must cover 'exclusively substances and / or elements and / or biological parameters tested experimentally, or be documented by literature commonly internationally accepted' (such as the rules EN European technical guidelines and WHO).

Finally, the installation of equipment must be carried out by qualified firms that will have to issue a declaration of conformity.

The protocol of the technical standards for water purification systems for domestic use, involving the community and adopted in Italy by UNI, the agency for the Unification, it is very hard. So there are rules that govern everything from fine filtering systems to water softeners, from the chemical dosing devices to remove nitrates.

In the opinion of the operators in the sector, the framework provides a useful test method for machine performance, ensuring both the installer, the maintainer but especially the final customer.

Finally, we mention the special attention given to the chapter water consumption and regenerating. The goal is to respect the criterion of environmental sustainability, safe to consume tap water, and we hope will return a habit for families of Italy.





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