Removing Eternit: some tips to reduce the cost of disposal

The asbestos disposal costs depend on several factors, but there are some tips that you can follow to minimize them.

Asbestos, a mineral very dangerous for your health, it is now present in many of our homes or in the workplace in the form of asbestos cement, more commonly known as Eternit, the name of that first and widely began to produce in the second half of the twentieth century.

Today, after it was discovered that asbestos is harmful to health, it is necessary to remove the asbestos present often in the form of tanks, chimneys, roofing, piping, etc ... 

VAT concession to 10% in construction: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, conservative restoration, building renovation and restoration work

The legislation on building renovations has undergone a series of important innovations over the last few years. Among the most relevant aspects of the discipline, we want to reflect today on the application of value added tax (VAT) for building renovations.

VAT concession for works of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

In order to speak fully and profitably of the VAT legislation in the field of building renovation, we must first distinguish the macrocomparto maintenance work (ordinary and extraordinary) that relating to the restoration work, conservative restoration and renovation.

Removing asbestos-cement building materials or vinyl asbestos: guidelines for risk protection, for the preparation of plans asbestos, and information necessary

Guidelines of the Lazio Region for the protection of risks related to exposure to asbestos and asbestos in the preparation of the plans. DPI and necessary information for those who want to remove building materials, asbestos-cement or vinyl-asbestos.

The argument asbestos is back with force on the pages of the average non-specialized both for the historical judgment Eternit, and, to a minor, for information relating to asbestos exposure in companies like Fibronit of Bari and the Sacelit Italcementi Senigallia .

Comparison of parquet and laminate flooring: features, pros and cons of the two solutions

When the time comes to change the floor of a room or when it is necessary to restructure the whole house you have to decide what kind of product you buy.

If you prefer the style flooring, opens up a world of possibilities true to furnish with taste their own home.

First you must decide if you prefer to buy hardwood flooring or if you intend to buy your laminate floor.

Both have great qualities, that inspired you to choose one over the other, depending on your needs.

The hardwood flooring is undoubtedly the flagship product of this range, which is considered by far the most valuable.

What is asbestos, what interventions disposal and clean-up methods

Asbestos is a group of natural mineral with a fibrous structure to separate into very thin fibers and durable, widely used in the past in various sectors from industry, until the adoption of Law 257/92 which approved the full disposal, since the inhalation of fibers released into the air poses a serious health risk. Therefore if asbestos is compact, that is, the fibers are strongly linked in a stable matrix and solid for which it is difficult to release, is not damaged and is free of abrasion and there are no particular health risks, while if asbestos is crumbly, ie which can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder by simple manual pressure, there is the danger of inhale the fibers. 

Safety on construction sites in asbestos removal and disposal operations: actions to take, protective equipment to be used, technical-organizational measures

A manual of the Emilia-Romagna for building workers and for workers to clean-up operation and disposal of asbestos. Where is asbestos, safe behavior, and the technical and organizational measures, IPR.

On the occasion of the judgment n. 38891, filed Nov. 4, 2010, which sentenced 14 defendants for having caused the death of eleven workers due to inhalation of asbestos fibers, we present a document on asbestos risk. A document prior to the adoption of Legislative Decree 81/2008, but still very useful for the prevention of asbestos-related diseases.

What are the wood used for the flooring? Overview of characteristics, types, advantages and disadvantages, essences used and the faux wood

It is said that wood floors are suitable for people who appreciate the warmth, beauty, charm veins, tradition. Who is too rational and a perfectionist never chooses this type of floor for fear that you could easily scratch or stain and will be directed to other materials. But no one will ever question his naturalness and vitality that make it a material of great beauty in the context of a habitable environment and that, over the years, has become increasingly important becoming instrumental in making the most comfortable and stylish any interior.

Choosing a flooring must be done in a rational fashion, the environment in mind and then paying attention to the type of wood, its origin and chemical treatments that may have suffered.

How-To guide for the division of an apartment: required authorizations, variations cadastral, notarial records

The splitting of an apartment is the division into two or more parts of an 'original housing unit, the procedure requires the authorization request, the change of title and the registration of new property with a deed. The costs for expenses to be paid to the municipality are variable and quantifiable with a metric calculation. The splitting greatly increases the value of a property especially in large cities where small apartments have a greater value per square meter of the greats.


The phases of the fractionation

The procedure depends on local regulations, the PRG and the Building Regulations. Usually these are the main steps:

1. The legality of pre-existing to the municipality (urban conformity) and the land (cadastral compliance) is the verification of the documents of the apartment. From these processed part any application for authorization.

Stair lift systems and lift platforms: overview of the main characteristics and types

Ascertained that the elevator is definitely the lifting system safer and faster, in many cases, especially in the adaptation of existing dwellings, its installation is not possible due to lack of space.

The possible solutions to this point are of two types:

a. platform lift can be placed in a special compartment or in the stairwell with a smaller footprint than the elevator and can overcome differences of up to a maximum of 4 m;

b. stairlift that hooks to the stairs articulated along the same path up to a maximum of 4m. 

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