What are the characteristics of the main heaters used for heating of a dwelling? Flueless stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, thermo stoves

In many Italian homes have modern wood burning stoves to perform various functions. In addition to heat, in fact, the stoves have become real items of furniture and can also be used for cooking. Replaced in many homes, from traditional radiators, stoves are coming back into vogue thanks to technology, through which different models are developed: stoves without chimney (supplied with denatured ethyl alcohol or ethanol fuels or ecological), thermo stoves (stoves fueled pellets, an economical fuel and also environmentally friendly, made from wood residues worked), practical and efficient gas heaters and stoves that replace the boiler in the production of domestic hot water and space heating.

For these reasons, have been put on the market including wood stoves, which become real furnishing but the thermal yields and considerable economic. This type of stoves is is often made of cast iron, steel or masonry (the latter coated in a different way, while those in steel are lighter and faster in heating the home and those of cast iron, however, are often used for the decor as of rustic country houses).

The modern stoves, among others, are practical and safe, and the outer never reaches high temperatures, in order to protect the people inside the house and avoid sunburn.




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