Connection Guide Home Theater System: how to connect TV, decoder and Home Theatre

Do you have a Home Theatre system at home? If you saw the old analog TV and especially felt almost like at the cinema television programs through a glittering Home Theatre System, now with the advent of digital terrestrial can continue listening to the music, special effects and digital audio from your programs favorite with a sound quality even higher.

So let's see how to make home theater audio system with the new digital TV.

If you have a new generation TV with the integrated digital terrestrial tuner for, simply connect the digital audio outputs (HDMI, coaxial or optical) to your Home Theatre.

If you have an older TV without a digital tuner and decoder for dtt, follow these instructions:

- After connecting the antenna cable to the decoder, connect the scart cable with the same digital tuner to the TV. If your cable box and your TV have HDMI digital ports, you can use an HDMI cable;

- To hear the audio with your Home Theatre system (if it is equipped with a DVD player or Blu-Ray), you can connect with a scart cable with an HDMI or the "Home Theater to TV.

- If you want the highest quality sound from digital channels of digital terrestrial can directly connect the audio outputs of the decoder, which must necessarily be compatible with Dolby Digital, Home Theatre.

- Check which types of outputs and audio / video inputs have the decoder for the dtt your Home Theatre:

- Output / coaxial digital input,

- Input / output HDMI,

- Output / input RCA connector (red and white for audio R / L, but in this case you can take advantage of only two audio channels)

- Out / optical digital input,

- Input / output S-Video,

- Input / output component (connectors green, blue, red);


- To obtain the highest yield of all audio channels is recommended to connect the set-top box with an HDMI digital connection (in case of device with DVD or BluRay), or an optical connection (Digital Audio) or coaxial digital;

- If the decoder has only component video inputs, connect a Component video cable between the connectors out component (Y, PB and PR) on the back of home theater and connectors Component video input of the decoder.

- If the tuner only has scart or composite (yellow connector), you can use a scart adapter-composite or a simple analog video cable.

- The sound in Dolby Digital Surround is currently only used in some models of decoders and is present on some digital terrestrial channels (such as premium channels Cinema surcharge), and in some programs and special events (eg on Rai).





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