Heat house with stoves and fireplaces: analysis features, pros and cons, feeding types

Whether modern, avant-garde or classical evergreens, fireplaces, together with stoves, are a great way to enjoy a healthy glow and completely natural.

However, most of the people are strongly disoriented faced with the choice: better to buy a wood burning fireplace with a traditional flavor but more complex to administer, or a modern pellet stove is more practical to handle both substantive and giving up the warmth of the wood burning fireplaces induced ?

Obviously there is a definitive answer and just always, the wisest is: depends on the personal preferences of people who buy, the practicality collides almost by nature with the aesthetics, the healing warmth of the wood has more complications in terms of management compared to modern electric stoves or pellet.

Although this is not always necessarily true and effort that manufacturers and craftsmen in the industry, are lavishing is always more to ensure maximum efficiency, aesthetics, high returns, trying to preserve what is the distinguishing feature of these objects, ie the idea of domestic warmth which the wood-burning fireplaces are the traditional performers par excellence.

Today fireplaces and stoves still represent an excellent solution for heating your entire house, perfectly capable of replacing conventional LPG or natural gas, generating savings and even higher efficiencies.

In fact the new biofuels, such as bioethanol or the pellet, together with advanced technology which is usual to characterize, by now, almost all of the models on the market, increasingly represent a valid solution able to heat not only the environments in which stoves and chimneys are placed (as in the past), but also the totality of the rooms of the house, thanks to special speakers that allow you to minimize, thanks to the continuous improvements and investigations of materials and yields, the heat losses. In some cases, such as the splendid majolica stoves, you achieve returns that reach perfection. In this case the tiled stoves are structures built entirely by hand: the few craftsmen able to build such wonders of aesthetics and efficiency, are pretty much still the first in the industry in ensuring the higher returns that you can get the status of ' art, and this skill is handed down from generation to generation and the construction of a tiled stove is to be counted as pure art.

Among other types of products we find the much more modern fireplaces, pellet fueled with either a wood, ideal for heat all the rooms of the house making use of pipes which permit the homogeneous heat upon the use of special vents.

But fireplaces and stoves are the true objects of furniture, real works of art in some cases, like the aforementioned models Majolica: beautiful antique fireplaces, majestic marble frames or wood coatings classics, ancient and modern.





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