Energy saving software Winshelter of ENEA

Enea software to calculate the energy performance of windows and doors. And 'free and is available on line at

His name is Winshelter. A valuable ally for designers, engineers, and business professionals fixtures, doors, windows and solar screens.

Michele Zinzi (ENEA) "Winshelter is a calculation tool developed by ENEA, in collaboration with the Experimental Glass Station, within the activities of the program with the Ministry of Economic Development" System Research. "Tool allows you to calculate the thermal properties of windows and doors but the real innovation and uniqueness is the possibility, by winshelter, to calculate the solar characteristics of glazing systems bright and equipped with sun screens, the scheme of technical standards in force in Italy and Europe ".

From now on, therefore, for the first time in Italy, all the professionals involved in the process of improving the energy efficiency of buildings, will benefit from a free software and easy to use, that combines ease of use and accuracy of calculation .

Winshelter fact, is available online through a simple registration and consists of a database provided by the most important trade associations, from which we can directly select the products of the project: a common glass, a cavity, a second glass and, perhaps , a solar tent.

Michele Zinzi (ENEA) "we can select from this list and drag it into our system is automatically completed with all the main parameters already entered."

Windows, French windows and glass walls, constitute the "transparent system" of a building and for this, they play a crucial role in the energy and environmental performance of the building envelope, impacting significantly on energy consumption and electricity consumption.

It is therefore important Winshelter. Research and development at the service of users.


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