The NRA offers online product characteristics for the reception of digital television programs

ROME - In order to promote a more informed choice of consumers in the purchase of televisions and decoders for the reception of television programs in digital technology, it is now possible to know, via the portal / decoders, what are the models on the market classified by the producers according to the instructions contained in resolution no. 255/11/CONS Authority for Communications Safeguards (after a troubled procedure lasted more than a year and a half).

The latter provides a classification of the devices based on their technological characteristics. It starts from class 1 - explains the NRA on a note - which covers more advanced models, which have features such as high definition and the provision for pay-TV, and most importantly, cross-platform (the goal of 'Authority, in fact, is to disseminate clear and transparent information on the characteristics of all types of equipment for the reception of television programs in digital technology, regardless of the platform used: satellite, terrestrial or Internet), until the last class reference, the 6, which covers single-platform models with the most essential features.

They are however excluded from classification so-called 'zapper', which does not even provide automatic sorting of the channels. The classification will soon be completed with a category 'plus' for those goods of Classes 1 to 6 with a tuner / decoder digital terrestrial standard DVB-T2/MPEG and that will be the only marketable as of July 1, 2015 pursuant to of Law. 44/2012.

The portal / decoder, which today are the products 2012 LG and Panasonic for TV sets and Telesystem and FUBA for decoders, will be extended to other models as they will have completed their producers the 'inclusion in the database, required by the same resolution 255/11/CONS.




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