New types of wind turbines: turbines with magnetic levitation

Another 100 million dollars allocated by Big G in the field of renewable energy. Will serve the construction of the first wind farm that will exploit for commercial purposes megaturbines the levitation

Rome - The announcement was made a post appeared on his official blog: Google will invest an additional $ 100 million as part of so-called renewable energies, in particular for the realization of that which has already been described as the world's largest wind farm.

Keep it support company in Mountain View to the various forms of green energy, immediately after the $ 168 million announced for the construction of a solar power plant in California's Mojave desert. The new cash injection will now go to fund the work for the final opening of the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm near Arlington, Oregon.

As announced, the wind farm will be ready in the next year, and can produce a maximum power of 845 megawatts. The electricity produced will then be sold to Southern California Edison Company, which will be able to supply energy circa235mila homes.

Rick Needham, Director of Green Business Operations at Google, therefore, stressed that the project of the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm is worthy of the greatest enthusiasm, and not just for the size of this plant. This would give the first commercial adoption of advanced technology guaranteed by the permanent magnet generators.

That is the megaturbines that seem to revolutionize the entire wind energy sector, using magnetic levitation to produce up to 1 gigawatt of power. With positive benefits for both construction costs and maintenance costs, underlined precisely in the post Needham Blog Big G.

And the upper reaches of Google have also entered into an agreement with the Department of Energy of the United States, for the development of a strategic plan on behalf of all those motorists passed from gasoline to electricity. The maps of Bigg work as well as an archive for the GPS function, that allows motorists themselves to track down the nearest stations to recharge.




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