Incentives by the GSE for photovoltaics system

For those interested in photovoltaics, the Energy Services Operator (ESO), the company run by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is mainly engaged in the sector of renewable energy and the economic and financial aspects related to them, provides incentives that can be used for the installation of a new plant.

The GSE has decided to make the operation more simple and direct, leveraging the Internet for the request: Just log in to the Web Manager after you have registered for the service. Once you have finished recording simply connect to the company's official website, at and go on the menu bar under Tasks, browsing Photovoltaics, Services and finally Request Incentives.

In this way you can start the application of the incentive: the proceedings shall be attached to certain visual images and technical information about the type of system to be installed, the information data on the applicant and other documents that will be specified during the compilation of the form.

Obviously this is a first step that is not enough by itself to get the incentive and save on electricity tariffs: after the application online, it will be necessary to use the mail to send all the necessary documents for the question.

The list of documents required and all information relating to the procedure to obtain the incentives you can find them in the Guide for the encouragement of the plants with the Energy Bill. It is a pdf file designed for those who plan to focus on photovoltaics and want to have an incentive to incur the expense.

You will save money on utility bills and carbon dioxide emissions: a "medium" has a maximum cost of € 7,000 per kW plus VAT at 10%. The total expenditure of up to 23,000 Euros. The bill savings in feed-in tariff ranges from 2110 € to 2880 € per year. In the case of installation of photovoltaic panels combined with energy saving measures the incentive rate reaches 30% and you can accumulate regional incentives that increase the support received up to a maximum of 20% of the cost.

Also, remember that the panels for solar thermal (for hot water production) benefit from tax deduction of 36% of spending in 10 annual installments of equal amount: to depreciate the investment therefore serve 15 to 20 years.


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