Tips on how to properly install and maintain an air conditioner

Short and practical manual for points with things to do (and not do) to keep your air conditioner / air conditioning as good as new.

A unit installed improperly, even with an A + energy efficiency, it will only waste energy. Whether you are yourself to install the air conditioner or a professional, you should keep in mind these tips, some of which apparently may seem obvious:

1. Carefully follow the instruction manual of the air conditioner;

2. Install the air conditioner, if that is possible, in an area of the building that is mostly in the shade and that is toward the north or the east, because the direct light of the sun (and the resultant heat) reduces the effectiveness of the switch heat.

3. If you can not install it in a shaded area, install a sunshade to protect the system from direct light.

4. If you live on the ground or in a house, do not hide the plant shrubs or installing it near a bush or plugging it with an architectural element, otherwise the system can not properly suck in air and then work less effectively.

5. The elements that are to be installed within the CSA must be installed on smooth walls, or directly on the floor so that they can function properly.

6. The single room air conditioners must be well-received in their containers. Make sure it's raincoat and, moreover, which presents a system for the outflow of rainwater.

7. Make sure that the electrical system of your home is adequate to sustain the power consumption of the system without any problems.




1. A dirty filter reduces air flow. So, remember to check the filters of your air conditioning at least once a month, clean them or replace them if necessary. Keeping the filters clean can mean save between 5% and 15% in electricity.

2. For this reason it would be convenient to cover the units mono environment during the winter months.

3. Important is also regularly clean the drains to avoid excessive humidity. Doing so is straightforward: just a piece of wire such as those that are used to clean the pipes of the sink or the bathroom.

4. Another point to check is the holes in the container where it passes the outer tube of the air conditioner. In fact, moisture can damage the container itself.

5. The coils can become clogged with dust. To clean the coils of the air-conditioning equipment mono environment, first you need to pull the plug and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the switch internal heat. The switch external heat can be cleaned with water using a garden hose.

6. The air conditioners possess all the timer function ... is not an option! Program it in such a way that the air conditioning is activated half an hour before your return home from work (or a day out).

7. If you have purchased a centralized unit, make sure that the pipes are properly insulated, especially those that go to the ceiling or any area of the house that has not been conditioned.

8. Make sure that the furniture or other items of furniture may obstruct air conditioning vents. Close the doors of the rooms that you are not using and do not turn on the air conditioning in them.

9. Replace, if it were the case, the seals on windows and doors.

10. Obvious, but not so much: if you have the air conditioning on, close every door and window.

11. Attach the temperature of the thermostat on the air conditioner 22 º / 23 º, and shall never be more than 6 º unless the outside temperature. In this way you can save between 12 and 47% in your bill.

12. Not programmed the thermostat to a temperature lower than desired when power is on for the first time during the day. There is no need to refresh a room faster ... only serves to waste more energy.

13. Do not place appliances such as televisions or computers near the thermostats. The heat that these devices generate can 'fool' the thermostats and ensure that the air conditioning stays on longer than it should.




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